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Live and Proud!

Live and Proud!

Written by Joe, on July 30, 2012

Update from Live and Proud!:

Bigger and better than Loud and Proud
Even bigger than Louder and Proud(er)!

A little rough around the edges but all work in progress. Please enjoy!

Live and Proud version!

As a band we have finally found our feet, we have had a band meeting and discussed at length the direction of the band. These are the notes taken during the meeting:

Band meeting and Band issues 29/07/12

Members present:
Aza ✓
Eddie ✓
Joseph ✓

Point one:
We are: ThisWayGo!
-> 13 reasons
-> Infrequant practices/upload/group work
-> Good Logo!

# Upbeat
# Pop Rock
# Electro Style – hint

Ep: 13th Unknown [Working title]
– 13 reasons
– The Constant

Other songs:
– Every Shadow = Work in progress
– Loneliness = Work in progress
– Stand Alone = done but needs a rework
– Oblivion = Work in progress

Meeting adjourned

So in conclusion the band are focusing more on their own songs, putting practices to one side and concentrating on music, lyrics and getting closer as a band. Which is convenient as at present we are all going through indivdual and stressful experiences.

With the direction of the band to one side, the practice in general was good, energy was flowing and the sound was a pumping! We recorded a few videos which can be found at:
 The Official ThisWayGo YouTube channel

The Constant

Every Shadow and Oblivion

Two new songs:both working titles


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