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This way Snow!

This way Snow!

Written by TWGblog, on February 5, 2012

We had a great practice today, we were loud and proud and blew the bloody doors off!

Dispite us talking a while to set off and then packing up and running over, we have a great time, not even snow could stop us! We had Drums Bass Vocals Guitar all loud. It sounded great and we were totally rocking it. A few parts where we messed up, but at one point we had a small gathering outside the window, be it they were children playing in the snow, but I think we can all agree to class this as a gig… We tried a few new songs and a few old ones! Limitation was great, still very much work in progress, lyrics and structure. Its a drop D monster and sounds pretty “Epic”. We tried some backing tracks but it didn’t really work as we couldn’t hear and kept going out of time. Bliss is the only song that really needs a backing track but if we can’t hear it we go out! Next time we shall prepare and have another monitor speaking/

Summertime was pretty ace and really worked. We had a backing track to it but I don’t think we really need it, as it really worked. Sunburn was a little messy towards the end, but then again it always is as we just jam towards the end. Time is running out was cool, we have that pretty much done now! Black star by Radiohead was a first for us all but we pulled it off! We also did Where is my mind by the pixies, which I have to say sounded bloody good! 13 Reasons and the consent were great as well!

We also had had a 15 minutes break, where we just all swapped instruments, Aza on bass Eddie on guitar and Joe on drums, was a laugh. We also tried 13 reasons was fun played like that!

We have a video at some point and some pictures coming up soon!

Watch this space!


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