The band This way, GO! was originally formed in 1206 A.D. as an anglo-saxon missionary group, who would preach the words of the lord to all within shouting distance. The idea being that sinners on the path to hell would be shown the right direction, and avoid the eternal damnation that awaited them...

This is pretty much the same sort of feeling you get when you see This way, GO! perform today. By twisting this old fashioned approach to a holy crier, Joe decided to keep the old tradition alive, in all but guiding people away from hell... and adding in guitar, bass and drums... and not actually making it religious in any way.... Apart from that, the 800 year old tradition is very much alive.

This way, GO! in their newest incarnation has been around for a couple of years now, but it wasn't until the unwitting Aza made it known he had an electric drum kit that Joe and Eddie pounced and turned their 2 man guitar and brawling club into a fully fledged 3 piece band.

The Crew

This way, GO! Is made up of Joe Wood on guitar and vocals, Eddie Ackerley on Bass, and Aza Wright on drums. They have been a 3 piece since 2010, but started writing songs and playing music together more seriously at the beginning of 2014.

Fun Fact #35

This way, GO! started the hashtag twitter phrase, don't believe us, tweet #TWG.